To celebrate this coming Friday I chose this song. Made in the U.S.A is not only a patriotic song Demi, its also one of my favorites by her. In the video Demi has an adorbs denim jacket (btw I looove denim), a pretty white dress and as usual she is rocking her perfect hair. The main person in the video (other than Demi Lovato) looks awesome with her casual but stylish button up shirts (which I also looove), and her cutoff jeans shorts are ever so cute. All around I’d say it was a very fashiontabulous video. Hope you all have an amazafying 4th of July

In the beginning scene of the video it shows a girl who is trying new hairstyles, outfits, and shoes, I must say that here very colorful variety of Converse shoes was very cute and stylish. But it wasnt exactly cute or stylish that she was changing up her style just because of some judgmental and rude kids at school. As the video goes on and the song plays its shows the girl’s and a boy’s struggles through life. As we learn the boy’s and girl’s story Britt flashes in with some super cute and girly styles. Britt’s outfits were superly neon, adorable legging and skirt combinations, super adorable sparkly headphones that i just LOVE, a cute pink leather jacket, great hairstyles, and the kindest looking Great Dane dog (oober doober adorable). Oh I most definitely can’t forget the great meaning of this song/video, and it is that times will always get rough, but if you keep your head up and smile you’ll become a stonger and much happier person.
If you got a different message from the video please let me know below (haha I made a rhyme)

Sharpey’s Fabulous Adventure

You know Sharpey from High School Musical for being a snobby self centered popular girl in high school. But now that she’s finished with high school she has to find her place in the real world. Now don’t get me wrong she’s still got rhinestones on EVERYTHING and has her flawless hair. Sharpey goes to New York City to become a Broadway star, only to find out the producer didn’t want her but her dog (boi). Hitting rock bottom Sharpey is willing to do anything to become the star she wants to be even if it means cleaning a toilet, she then losses her confident self that she once was. When Sharpey realizes that she’s more than some snob-ay actress’s maid she exposes the actress for the rude jerk that she is. And who would be qualified to take the place of the snob-ay actress, your answer is the fabulous Sharpey. Ending the movie with her wearing a fashiontabulous red sparkly high-low dress with some of the cutest frills ever.

Carmen, Lauryn, Kelsey, Lindsey, and Kayli, the girls in the band 1 Girl Nation have some of the most unique styles ever and they are all able to put it into one music video (While We’re Young). Carmen I must say her style has definitely caught my attention with her indie touches as well as her skater clothing, and i must applaud her on her super awesome variety on hats. Girlie for all of her adorable bows, poofy skirts and tons of pink has got to be Lindsey, she is by far the girliest dressed in the whole band (major thumbs up). Lauryn on the other hand is the most uniquely dressed in the video, in most of her scenes she wears retro bell bottoms and looks ever so cool, she also rocks some sparkly headbands, my fave hing about Lauryn though is her super long and curly red hair that is really pretty. Kayli was probably the hardest for me to detect her style, but I concluded the she has a mixture of glamorous street style with a hint of indie. Last but most certainly not least is Kelsey, hes style consists of  glam, and total hipster, and she totally rocks her look trust me. major round of applause for these girls and may they forever dress like their true selves

16 Love

Ally Mash a teenage tennis player who is one step away from becoming a professional tennis player has her entire life as tennis, so naturally her style revolves around sporty clothing. But when Ally is required to take time off tennis she begins to wonder if tennis is what she actually wants to do. Ally then turns total preppy in both mind and style, you know the ones who aren’t cute or sweet but the ones that hang out with the wrong crowd and forgets her true friends. When Ally realizes the mistakes she made she gets forgiveness, and gets her head in the game. Therefore ending out the movie with a perfect mesh of style between preppy and sporty. And if you ever find yourself watching this movie make sure to take note of Ally’s B.F.F’s super daring style.